School Clocks & School Bells

School Clocks Autoclock Systems have been involved in many projects supplying wireless clocks controlled by a master clock and GPS antenna. This controls both network time and break times by linking directly to the public address system ensuring both the clocks, network and break times are in sync.

Many schools will open for additional activities after the standard school time for either sports or academic studies. The heating and lighting can also be controlled via the master clock and wireless relays to automatically switch on/off external lighting. Contractors involved have saved on electrical cabling and schools also save on energy bills. Click here for more information.

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5 Minute Chart

Do your staff get away with 5 minutes each day? Realistically this could be more and all this time is costing you money in wages. Everyone is talking about ROI… return on investment is a bit of a “buzz word” at the moment. We realise the importance of this and have introduced a simple to use guide to see instantly how much you could save by investing in a time and attendance system. Even companies with only a few employees can potentially save over £2,900.00 per year !

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Sick Days

Monday is the day most likely for employees to call in sick. Levels of employee sickness days is at an all time high of 7.7 days per year, with the cost of absence per employee at £692.00 annually.

Many businesses still use paper based absence records and have no idea of the full extent of the loss of hours and production time. With a time and attendance system from Autoclock Systems you can start to track trends with your employees to see the reason they have been off. Time and attendance systems are a fundamental business tool that can help manage absenteeism and enable managers to plan the workforce more effectively ensuring employees are in the right place at the right time. Saving just five minutes per day per employee, businesses can save thousands of pounds a year.

The right time and attendance system can provide efficient and cost effective support for employers, helping to make absence management a controlled value for your company.

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