QR Patrol Web Application

In order to manage patrols efficiently, assign checkpoints to client’s sites, monitor guard’s activities and organize schedules and routes, QR Patrol cloud based web application is your best choice. Several levels of user role management, detailed and advanced filtered reports with export options, schedule automation, checkpoints management and site administration are some of the core features of QR Patrol web application.

QR Patrol Mobile Guard Application

A security guard can meet expectations by accomplishing three basic tasks: Scan checkpoints according to a predefined schedule, communicate constantly with the Alarm Monitoring Centre and getting overall control over the assets he is patrolling.

QR-Patrol mobile guard application is a unique tool available on a smartphone which helps the security guard to automate their daily work, gain confidence, and ensure security status via recording incidents, notes and images via their smartphone in real time. QR Patrol is available for Android and IOS.