We offer a range of stand alone and wireless automatic bell systems for schools and factories in addition to a variety of bells, sounders and sirens. The stand alone units operate independently and can be pre-programmed with weekly bell times and signal duration or used in combination with our time and attendance products. The wireless melody solution is also available eliminating the need for cabling which can be configured from the comfort of your PC.

Harmony’s is a range of audio based equipment used to send programmed class change bell sounds over an IP/POE network, play music and broadcast announcements. They can be connected to a POE network and are easily configured using the associated Sigma Software. Harmony’s is a five in one system offering synchronised clocks, bells, a school lockdown alert facility, PA and music all from the same system.

We are authorised UK distributors of the Bodet range of synchronised bell, lockdown and POE PA systems.