Biometric Time Clocks & Systems

Our biometric, handpunch, face and fingerprint time clock systems eliminate the possibility of your staff clocking each other in and out. We have various biometric time and attendance solutions available using either handpunch terminals, facial recognition or fingerprint time clocks.

An inexpensive way to replace swipe and clock cards

Biometric time and attendance is now surprisingly inexpensive and can eliminate the need to purchase clock cards and swipe cards. Handpunch and fingerprint time clocks can be used in conjunction with our Kelio and Zeus biometric time and attendance systems to offer a 100% secure biometric time clock solution, with all the benefits of a powerful software package. Both handpunch and fingerprint time clocks verify very quickly and can also be used in harsh environments.

A wide range of systems available

We understand that moving over to a biometric time and attendance system is a huge change compared to the conventional way of clocking in and out using swipe or proximity cards, so please do not hesitate to contact our office for further information on the range of biometric handpunch and fingerprint time clocks we have available.