ZEUS X Mobile

The ZEUS X mobile APP provides a flexible T&A tool for smartphones and tablets. Available for iOS, Android and MS Windows which can be downloaded free of charge from the respective app stores.

Should the connection to the server be interrupted, recorded bookings will automatically be saved on the mobile device. In case of disconnection during a request the results of the previous day will be displayed. Along with the next synchronisation all bookings will be transferred to the host and updated for any further offline requests.

The following bookings can be made:

  • IN/OUT
  • Absence reasons such as business
  • Inquiries for flexi & holiday balance, overtime

Kelio Mobile

The Kelio Mobile Module allows employees to benefit from the use of their work or personal smartphone to make time and attendance or activity clockings directly from their phones. With the integrated geolocation technology managers have the ability to check the employees have clocked in exactly where they are supposed to be in real time !

Kelio Mobile

Alows the user to:

  • Clock in/out directly from their smartphone
  • Make activity bookings directly from their smartphone
  • View personal information for holiday balance, totals etc.
  • Request absences from their smartphone.